Assigned for illumination and lightning protection of outdoor distribution facilities of substations and other technical objects at ambient temperature from -60 º C to + 50 º C in I-V wind areas according to electric installation code.

Climatic modification and placement category of insulators is according to GOST 15150 - 1 MCC (moderately cold climate).

These steel floodlight towers are manufactured by Technical Conditions 5264-038-98949090-2009

The structure of conditional designation:


PMS - steel floodlight towers;

Х1 – the height to the level of operating floor, m;

S – an organization-developer "SpetsProektInzhiniring";

Х3 – standard performance (if any).


Here is an example of a record of conditional designation of PMS of the height of 20 m:

PMS-20S by Technical Conditions 5264-038-98949090-2009.

The shanks of floodlight towers is spatial trussed structure consisting of two sections. A section of PMS is a composite plane trusses, which are assembled from parts, welded at the factory.

Such structure of PMS reduces the number of assembly units, thereby reducing the complexity of installation. At the same time, plane welded trusses allow you to use a full load of vehicles. The belts of adjacent plane welded trusses in the section are located in respect of lattices, so that a composite belt of this section, formed by mentioned belts, has the shape of a rectangular tube (shank of steel floodlight tower).

Stairs are located inside the shank of support.

A transitional rest platform is located at a distance of not more than 6 meters from each other in the vertical.

Floodlight platforms are made on the analogy with platforms of PMS, which were developed by the Northwest department of "Energosetproject" , the project of series 3.407.9-172. Platforms’ structure provides the ability to install either as standard projectors or modern efficient LED.

Floodlight towers’ platforms provide the ability to install 2 lightning rods 2,8 metres in height on platform’s fence. Whether you need to install lightning rods is decided for a particular design.

STEEL FLOODLIGHT TOWERS (PMS) have passed all the necessary tests and are certified by GOST R.


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